Top 3 European Travel Destinations

Best European Cities for Tourists

I will start this post with a disclaimer, I have not actually travelled to any of these places. Yet. I am still in college and right now there is no way that I would be able to afford to travel as much as I would like! I'm sure that when I am older and actually can afford plane tickets to travel, my perception of my favorite places will change, but based on my own research and desires, here are a list of the 3 European destinations I would recommend visiting.

1. Monaco

I wanted to start with Monaco because it may be a destination that some may feel is a bit obscure. And it is. This picture actually captures the entire country, which is less than 500 acres. Monaco is a resort paradise located near the French city of Nice on the French Riviera. It has a mild climate year round and a unique mix of local, French and Italian cultures. Monaco is known for having great casinos and nightlife.

2. Copenhagen 

Copenhagen is a medium-sized city located along the Baltic sea. It is the capital of Denmark and known as being one of the happiest and most liberal cities in the world. Copenhagen is a city of bikes and friendly people. The city is also known for being environmentally friendly city. Despite all of these good things, I would recommend only visiting in the summer months as winters can be quite cold this far north. 

3. Prague

Until recently I never would have thought much of Prague, I simply lumped the Czech Republic in with Germany and Austria. However, one of my best friends is about to move there to teach English as a second language and so I took another look at the city. It is absolutely beautiful. Looking at photos, I cannot think of a more picturesque city. Prague is filled with medieval elements, stone bridges, castles and cobblestones. It also may be the first European city that I have the chance to visit this winter! 

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