Build Your Own Subway

New Subway Game for Urban Planners

I recently found a new game that is great for anyone interested in urban planning. The name of the game is Mini Metro and it requires the user to build a subway system that gets increasingly complex as a city grows. I have included a link to the game


. I have to say that the game seems really easy at first, but gets very very challenging. The opening shot of the game looks something like this.

Simple right? At this stage you only have three stations and are operating only one subway line. The game picks up speed and you must add additional lines and complexities to keep up with increased demand. And after a few minutes of gameplay, the screen might look something more like this. 

Extra stops get added and the number of riders to transport increases rapidly. At this stage the game is still pretty manageable. But after about 5 or 10 minutes, it quickly becomes almost impossible. One of my more advanced screens looks like this.

Eventually, you lose when you cannot meet the needs of an expanding city. I personally think this game is fascinating for anyone that is really interested in transportation and urban planning. My highest score of all time is 625 riders. I challenge you to try and outscore me!