A New Way to Plan Commutes

Isoscope: Dynamic Traffic Mapping

Whenever we need to know how long it would take us to get from one location to another, we likely all use Google Maps. I have nothing but great things to say about Google Maps and I love all of the detail that it provides. But, a new map tool has just been released called


, which allows users to see a visual plot of travel distances in all directions at a given time. Rather than seeing how long it takes to get to someplace, you can see how far you can get anywhere in a given amount of time!

Here's a picture to show you what I mean.

The white dot is the starting location. The outlines show in this case how far you can get in six minutes on a Friday. There are different outlines that reflect traffic patterns at different times of day. This map quite easily reveals the difference between distance and speed! 

Here's another example. If you start on a highway, the map becomes quite skinny reflecting the difference in travel speed between interstates and backroads. 

Try selecting your house and see how long it takes you to get places. I bet the map will reveal some interesting things!