Boston Begins Late Night T Service

Trains to Run Until 3 AM on Weekends

Starting on March 28th, Boston will join the handful of cities with late night subway service. The T will operate until 3 AM into Saturday and Sunday mornings. This late night service is being piloted by the MBTA for one year at a cost of $20 million, but if the service is popular, it will likely be extended into the future. I strongly believe that this will prove to be a great investment by the city. 

Youth Appeal

One of the most frustrating things about weekends in most cities is the fact that there is a mismatch between the time that bars and clubs close and the time that public transportation stops operating. That's if you are lucky enough to be in a city with public transportation at all! Before this new late night service goes into effect, the MBTA generally stops running at around 12:30 AM, but many bars and clubs are open for an extra hour. This can cause all kinds of problems related to drunk driving and the like.

Keeping the T operating until 3 AM will help Boston to offset some of the potential for getting stranded at the bar, drunk and with no easy way home. While we can't be sure how this will be received until it actually starts, I can only imagine that the new service will be wildly popular with young people. In Boston's quest to prove itself to be a world class city, late night T service is one of the best ways to compete with areas such as New York and D.C. 

If you want the late night hours to stick around, make sure to get out and take advantage of them!