Why Cities Should Offer Paid Sick Time

The Benefits of Paid Sick Leave

Newark, New Jersey just became the latest city to vote for paid sick-time for employees. Outside of Connecticut, where paid sick leave is required, only a handful of cities across the country require businesses to offer paid sick leave to employees. The United States is one of few developed countries not to require employees to receive paid sick leave, but there are a variety of reasons that we should change this.

It's The Right Thing To Do

Everybody get's sick. Like it or not, you are probably going to catch the flu or some other sickness at some point. Most people get sick at least a couple of times a year. For those of us working in positions that do not allow us to stay home when we are sick, the choice becomes whether to work while sick or to forgo a few days of pay and possibly be punished. If our expectation is that nobody will ever be sick, this is simply unrealistic. 

Paid Sick Time Keeps People Healthier

When employees are offered paid sick leave, they are less likely to come to work when they are sick. If sick employees are able to stay home, they are less likely to make other people sick. The spread of disease can be slowed this way and it can keep companies more productive; if everyone is sick, workplace productivity is bound to fall. 

Boost in Employee Morale

When employees feel valued by their employers, they are less likely to leave in pursuit of other positions. Ideally, we would want all companies to treat their employees with respect and try to ensure them a happy place to work. Employees are certainly happier with their jobs when they know that they are allowed a day off every now and then if they fall ill. Offering paid sick time could actually attract more workers to a given city or state.