Drinks and Politics

Alcohol and Party Ties

Sometimes statistical relationships can prove to be quite interesting. A new study by 

The Independent

 shows that your favorite choice of alcohol can be a strong indicator of your voting habits. They published a chart that shows the relationship between alcohol and liberal views as well as tendency to turn up on voting day.

One observation is that some drinks tend to reveal age. For example, drinkers of Jaegermeister or Don Julio are likely on the younger end of voters. These drinks are found towards the bottom of the chart, indicating lower voter turnout, which tends to make sense. On the other hand, drinkers of wine, who tend to be older, turnout more consistently for elections.

Republicans tend to drink dark colored alcohols while democrats prefer clear drinks such as vodkas or champagne. The study doesn't actually attempt to explain why this is so, but it is always possible to theorize. Despite these differences, it seems that rum, which is shown in purple, does not actually tend to suggest either a left or right leaning individual.

I find it particularly interesting that even though we may not be actively thinking about our political beliefs, we may accidentally reveal some information about our tendencies simply through ordering a drink. This is not to say that these relationships are foolproof or that drinking causes political affiliation, but it is nonetheless an interesting observation.