Why Live in a Disaster Zone

Natural Disaster Areas

Over the past several years it seems that the United States has been met with a variety of different types of weather related disasters. While these disasters have been higher in number and frequency than in the past, they have continued to strike similar areas. I have begun to wonder why people have decided to remain in many of these areas.

Historically, many people settled in areas near water that are most prone to flooding because waterways were a main economic boon that allowed for commercial development. This is not as true today, but many major cities are still located along these flood prone areas. Many Americans also live in other disaster prone parts of the country such as "Tornado Alley" in the Great Plains States. The following map shows disaster declaration and FEMA funds per area of the country.

If these patterns continue over a long period of time, I believe that people may begin to move away from these disaster prone areas in search of greater security.