Color Psychology - Why There are Always Fewer Blue M&Ms

Color is something that has always fascinated me. Why do high end clothes always seem to be black and why do all other colors of M&Ms outnumber blue? Well it turns out that colors are significant and different hues can affect the way that we percieve situations and locations.

Blue tends to be a favorite color for offices because it increases feelings of productivity. People actually tend to get the most work done in a blue environment. Think of the most stereotypical 1950's male office workers and I bet that many of you imagine a man dressed in a blue suit! Blue is also a great color to wear to a job interview because it signifies loyalty and committment. As a side note, blue tends to suppress appetite because it is not naturally occuring in food; this is why M&Ms are rarely blue.

Red unlike blue tends to stimulate appetite and encourage food purchases. Many restaurants such as McDonalds tend to decorate using red tones as a way to try to increase hunger! Additionally, red tends to stimulate energy so it is not uncommon to find red in fitness advertisements.

Yellow tends to show up badly on a white background and that's why when writing about color, nobody every writes in yellow. I have chosen this mustardy color instead! But yellow tends to convey happiness and playfulness and is often used in advertising directed towards young children.

Green represents nature and is a signal of the eco friendly movement. Companies like Starbucks tend to use green colors to convey a sense of environmental responsibility. The color is also quite comforting and can lead to a sense of relaxation. For this reason, green is also commonly found in hospitals and doctor's offices to keep patients calmer.

Purple is a luxurious color because historically purple dyes were quite rare and often signified wealth. For example, the wealthy Phoenecians were known for wearing purple in ancient times. Purple is now used for similar purposes, often for marketing luxury products or conveying a sense of importance.

Black is similar to purple in that it associated with quality and luxury. It also tends to convey a sense of exclusivity and power. Because of the power of the color, villians will often be seen wearing this color in movies!