Why I Love New York's Bike-Share

New York City unveiled it's new bike-share program officially on Monday. It follows earlier adoption of bike-share programs in other cities such as Boston. The bike-share places 6,000 bikes in racks throughout Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn and the city promises to continue to expand by adding more racks. People can opt to purchase yearly, weekly or daily memberships for a bike. You simply take a bike from a rack and return it to any other rack with an empty slot 30 to 45 minutes later.

This bike-share program can help commuters and tourists travel the city without the frustration of driving or hailing a taxi.  Based on the volume and spread of bike racks, commuters can cut down on walking time when compared to riding the subway. The racks lock bikes automatically so participants need not worry about purchasing locks or having their own bikes stolen. Encouraging bike use will also help New Yorkers to get some extra exercise!