The Beginning of an Adventure

My name is Zach. I have spent most of my life thinking about what I wanted out of it; I have never felt like I truly knew where I would end up or what things I would encounter along the way. It is 1:24 A.M. and I am sitting in my apartment. 

It was the first week of February when I first wrote this; my junior year of college was more than halfway over and I had not done anything yet which I considered to be significant. It is now the summer before my senior year and I can feel my life starting to take shape.

I am a business student, but I have always had a love for writing. I thought for a while that I might become an English major, but I worried that I couldn’t make a career out of that. My whole life I have focused on always doing what is right and most beneficial; I have had little time to consider the implicit impact of these positive decisions on my emotional well being. 

Despite my seemingly mundane pathway, I have always considered myself to be a cheerful and optimistic person. It is finally time for me to slow down and enjoy the small pleasures which life throws my way.